Benzophenone - 4

Chemical Name :

Product Identification :

Cas No. :               4065-45-6
Einecs No. :               223-772-2
Formula :               C14H12O6S
Mol Wt.  :               308
H.S Code :               2914.70

Structural Formula :


Specification :

Appearance :               Pale Yellow Granular Powder
UV Absorption  
K-Value (In Dist. Water) :               46 Min. (At 286 Nm)
Moisturization Content :               3.0% Max (Karl Fischer)
pH :               1.2-2.2 (1o% Slurry In Water)
Solubility :               Soluble In Water
Stability :               Stable Under Normal Conditions
Packing :               25 Kgs. Hmhdpe/Card Bord  Drums
Storege :               Store In Tightly Covered Containers In Cool Area. Avoid Exposure
:               To Heat And Moisture.

Applications :
Benzophenone-4 is used as a sunscreen agent in cosmetics. After Shave Gel, Hair Sprays, Hair dyes and exceptional use in Shampoo.

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