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Product Name : Butyl Methoxy DiBenzoyl Methane
Cas # : 70356-09-1
Formula : C20H22O3
Mol Wt. : 310.4 g/mol
H.S.Code : 2914 5000
Chemical Structure :

Parameter   Specification
Appearance @ 25 C : White to pale yellow Colour Powder
Odour : Slightly Aromatic
UV Spectrum (E 1%, 1 cm at 357 ± 2 nm in absolute thanol) : 1100‐1180
Melting Point : 81o C to 86o C
Assay (HPLC) : > 95%
Sales Packs :

25 Kgs Fiber Drums

Applications :

Avobenzone is a sunscreen blocker. Avobenzone is a topical, broad range UV protector and blocks UVA I, UVA II, and UVB wavelengths, thereby limiting the impact of UV rays on skin.

Handling & Storage :

Store in a clean, dry place away from sunlight & heat. The container should be kept tightly closed when not in use.Eliminate ignition sources. In original, sealed containers, the product can be stored atleast 2 years. Avoid iron drums.

Note :

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