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Chemical Name :

2‐Hydroxy‐4‐methoxybenzophenone‐5‐sulphonic acid


Product Identification :
Cas No. : 4065‐45‐6
EINECS No. : 223‐772‐2
Formula : C14H12O6S
Mol Wt. : 308
H.S CODE : 2914.70
Structural Formula :

Specification :
Appearance : Pale yellow granular powder
UV Absorption K‐Vlue (in dist. Water) : 46 min. (at 286 nm)
Moisture Content : 3.0% MAX (Karl fischer)
pH : 1.2‐2.2 (10% slurry in water)
Solubility : Soluble in water
Stability : Stable under normal conditions
Transportation Packing : 25 kGS. HMHDPE / Card board drums
Storege : Store in tight covered containers in a cool area.
Avoid exposure to heat and moisture.
Applications :

Benzophenone ‐ 4 is used as a sunscreen agent in Cosmetics, After Shave Gel, Hair Sprays, Hair Dyes and exceptional use in Shampoo.

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