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Octyl Dodecanol

Product Name : Octyl Dodecanol
Cas # : 5333‐42‐6
EINECS Number : 226‐242‐9
Formula : C20H42O
Molecykar Wt. : 298.5 g/mol
Chemical Structure

Parameter   Specification
Appearance @ 25 C : Colourless to Pale viscous liquid
Assay (GC) : 91 % min.
Odour : Mild, Typical Odour
Acid Value : 1.0 max (mg KOH/g)
Sales Packs

25/50/200 kgs HMHDPE drums

Applications :

Octyl Dodecanol is used as emollient in cosmetic formulations. Apart from cosmetics, it also has applications in many other industries.

Note :

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